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In-put on Knowlege

In-put 2

Types of Knowledge

Knowledge is processed through the use of senses (hearing, vision, touch, tastes and smell). Among the five senses, hearing and vision are receptors of knowledge.

Two types of Knowledge:

1. Episodic Knowledge = this refers to biography memory ( what happened, where it happened, when it happened)
                                       = it includes personal history (name, birthday, zodiac sign, members of the family)

2. Semantic Knowledge = deals with memories and information not tied with ourn personal biographies.
                                           = it refers to generalization, concepts, facts, and their association.

       Types of SK

  •         Declarative knowledge = statement of truth, deals with what we know about the world. This answers the "what" of knowledge.
                      1. description - persons, objects, animals, events, ideas
                      2. time elements - specific time
                      3. process - activities that follow a process
                      4. causal relationships - cause and effect
                      5. episodes - setting, characters, plot, climax
                      6. generalizations - statements of conclusion
                      7. principles - express rules and relationships
                      8. concepts - broad principles

  • Procedural knowledge - how things are to be done. Answers the "how" of knowledge.
  • Conditional Knowledge - refers to time and appropriate conditions. Answers the "when" of knowledge.

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